A Whitewater Park DEFINED.


It's a whitewater kayaker, canoer, rafter, boogie boarder or surfer's paradise.  As of this moment there are 88 whitewater parks in operation across the country and over 300 are being discussed and/or planned. Our project is categorized as an "in-channel whitewater park."

"Courses which modify the flow of water and create intentional hydrologic features in existing river or stream beds. These are by far most common. Their design and construction can also be the most demanding, for the structural integrity of any in-channel structures must be high to withstand constant flow and extreme fluctuation."
McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group's definition of an "in channel whitewater park"

Eric Jackson - Olympian, Father, business owner

Eric Jackson has been a staple in the kayaking industry for most of his life. He has over 20 years of experience with whitewater parks, which ranges from designing, implementing and paddling. Listen to him talk about the benefits of the park and how it affects every piece of a town.

The entire TEVA Mountain Games is built around this one event... The bottom line is, there should be no discussion about whether to do the whitewater park, it is 100% how do you do the whitewater park.
— Eric Jackson, Jackson Kayak

Scott Shipley - Olympian, whitewater architect

Scott Shipley has been involved in whitewater parks across the globe and is a leader in developing, designing and building whitewater parks. Scott talks about the benefits and the setbacks associated with whitewater parks. Are you concerned that it will affect fish habitats? Do you think it will be a whitewater skateboard park? Or maybe you are scared of an increase in crime? Listen to Scott.

The biggest obstacle to a whitewater park is education. People don’t realize what these parks do for your community and they don’t realize how they function.
— Scott Shipley, S20 Designs